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Film review: Damage

This heartfelt, small-budget Adelaide film with an edge follows the odd-couple road trip of an Iraqi refugee taxi driver and an elderly woman who can’t quite remember where she needs to go.

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Film review: One Life

The British Film Festival opens with the forgotten story of a handful of English men and women in Prague who brought Czech children to safety on the verge of the First World War.

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Film review: Past Lives

Past Lives follows two close childhood friends who find themselves emotionally floored when they reunite after a 20-year separation. What follows is much more interesting than a love triangle.

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Film review: Oppenheimer

Director Christopher Nolan calls Oppenheimer the most important man who ever lived, and he wants us to understand the tortured genius who headed the Manhattan Project and paid a heavy price.

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Film review: Let the River Flow

This richly told drama opening the Scandinavian Film Festival depicts real-life events through the story of a young Sami woman stirred to take radical action in the fight for both a river and indigenous recognition in Norway.

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The Many Loves of Geoffrey Dutton

Geoffrey Dutton made a significant mark on the arts and literary scene in SA and beyond. Now, a new film sheds light on the many other loves of the writer who courted controversy in his later life after he left both his wife of 40 years and Adelaide.

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Coober Pedy black magic

Filmmaker Ivan Sen has helped make Indigenous storytelling mainstream with television series like Mystery Road and his new film, Limbo, made in Coober Pedy and starring Hollywood actor Simon Baker.