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Theatre review: 4.48 Psychosis

The irreplaceable beauty of live theatre is highlighted in this refreshing new take on British playwright Sarah Kane’s heart-wrenching exploration of mental illness and the yearning for human connection.


Theatre review: The Garden

With thrift and wit and unnerving candour, Theatre Republic’s intriguing new play examines in microcosm the inescapable reality of discrepant worlds and insufficient good intentions.


Opera review: Macbeth

Verdi’s version of the dark tale of Macbeth is brought to Adelaide’s opera stage with a dynamic ensemble and some outstanding individual performances.

Kinetik Collective's 'Kill Climate Deniers' is an example of the bold new work being produced by South Australia's independent emerging theatre-makers. Photo: Jamois / supplied

Defying despair: The challenges facing emerging theatre-makers

Independent emerging theatre-makers are a vital part of South Australia’s arts scene, but with recent venue closures, little infrastructure and limited funding support, most are forced to rely largely on their own passion, commitment and innovation as they defy the odds to continue to produce bold new work.


Theatre review: Proud

At a time when far-right extremism is becoming more visible, Famous Last Words’ new play humanises a story behind it. Proud is brilliantly executed and deeply unsettling.


DreamBIG review: I AM

I AM is a creative, heartwarming piece of interactive theatre presented in the Adelaide City Library that asks us to consider our purpose in this one precious life.

Theatre Theatre

Theatre review: Looped

Holden Street Theatre Company brings one of Hollywood’s most outrageous divas to life, magically spinning a simple anecdote into a fascinating character portrait using razor-sharp wit, a brilliant script and captivating performances.


Musical review: Come From Away

This uplifting musical about a small town that helped thousands of passengers left stranded by the 9/11 terrorist attacks apparently receives a standing ovation every time it is performed ­– and opening night at Her Majesty’s Theatre was no different.

Adelaide Fringe

Fringe review: Sheltered

Charming and skilful performer Kathryn Hall reveals the absurdity of institutional systems in this story of her teenage years, which she spent living in youth shelters while managing cerebral palsy. ★★★★