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Republishing Guidelines

InReview’s purpose is to support the arts through professional journalism. That’s why other publications are free to publish our work, as long as our republishing guidelines are followed.

Guidelines for republishing our work

  1. Do not edit the piece, except to fit with your house style (ie adding honorifics to names) or to adjust timeframes. 
  2. You must attribute the article to the author, and mention prominently that the article was originally published by InReview
  3. If published online, link to the original piece and
  4. Where possible, include the following: InReview is an open access, non-profit arts and culture journalism project. Readers can support its work with a donation.
  5. If you share the story on social media, please mention @InReview.
  6. InReview stories must not be placed behind a paywall, either partially or in full.
  7. Articles include a pixel to help us measure the reach of our stories. Please ensure it is included.
  8. Images are not generally included in this creative commons licence as in most cases we are not the copyright owner. However, if the image has an InReview photographer credit or is marked as “supplied”, you are free to republish it with the appropriate credits.

If you have any queries about our republishing guidelines, send us an email –