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Film review: Priscilla

Sofia Coppola’s film shows how Elvis’s courtship of the very young Priscilla locked her in a gilded cage that had little to do with love and a lot to do with his immature notion of what marriage should be.

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Film review: Ferrari

Interweaving the personal and professional, this high-stakes drama starring Adam Driver as racer turned entrepreneur Enzo Ferrari ultimately derails expectations.

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Film review: Maestro

Music and love lifted Bradley Cooper’s first outing as director and star, A Star is Born, to a cultural moment. In Maestro, he elevates the theme to magnificence.

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Film review: One Life

The British Film Festival opens with the forgotten story of a handful of English men and women in Prague who brought Czech children to safety on the verge of the First World War.

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Film review: Past Lives

Past Lives follows two close childhood friends who find themselves emotionally floored when they reunite after a 20-year separation. What follows is much more interesting than a love triangle.

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Film review: Asteroid City

Wes Anderson’s Asteroid City once again nests stories within whimsical stories in this film about a 1950s TV show that is in turn about the writing of a play set in a tiny, desert town in Atomic Age America.

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Film review: Chevalier

A brilliant violinist, composer and swordsman rises to the heights of the French aristocracy in this melodrama about the extraordinary life of biracial musician Joseph Bologne.

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Film review: Mafia Mamma

This is something of a good-natured romp that plays on inverted expectations when naive American housewife Kristin – played by Toni Collette – inherits leadership of Italian mafia gang the Balbanos.

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Film review: EO

A director’s love for animals and nature drives this unusually beautiful film following a Polish donkey on a road trip after his circus closes.